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Why Internship is Important for Law Students?

why internship is important for law students

Internship is Important for Law survival in the legal sphere. A well-versed student in academics doesn’t equate to well-versed student inexperience clubbed with academic knowledge. A law student gains this experience and contemporaneously inculcates work ethics by interning either under a lawyer or a law firm or a government body participating in the legal sphere or a research organization or any other legally oriented institution.

Following are the reasons that why internships are important for Law students application of knowledge acquired in law school into reality

Law student’s academic structure goes through jargon, statutes, articles, sections, provisos, and case laws. Understanding authoritative principles, analyzing burning judgments, and upholding set conventions are a part and parcel of a law school’s curriculum. However, keeping this knowledge refrained to your exam papers will not fetch you either a good job or a better understanding of the status quo.

Whether you aspire to enter corporate world or the world of litigation or the life of an academician, internships are equally important and pervasive in nature. Being acquainted with practical procedures of filing Public Interest Litigation to sealing a Mergers & Acquisitions are the aspects that one can develop a knack over in an internship.

Getting Exposure:-

Internships provide you exposure to multifarious people, situations and work. You have the opportunity to meet people from different states or countries (if doing an international internship) having different ideologies and perceptions towards the same thing which when observed helps you perceive things better.

In addition, interning under various heads of authority, i.e., ranging from interning at a research organization to interning under an international company will provide you an understanding of a wide and robust work culture spread through various heads.

Breaking the vicious circle of the non-network building:-

The period that you’re expected to intern is in the summer and winter holidays which are approximately 40 days in duration respectively. This period is a blessing in disguise for all the law students as it provides all the opportunity of incorporating a change in their set, eventually boring, routine. Not restricting itself to the incorporation of change in schedule, it also provides an opportunity to meet new people who indeed could be a boon in value addition through the period of internship. Interning helps you develop networking with people of the same age having the same field of interest but demarcated by geographical reasons and with those who have authority in a particular field with respect to knowledge and experience.

Ingraining new skills:-               

Whether a law student or not, it is of utmost importance to constantly upgrade and imbibe new skills in one’s skill set. Thus, it becomes very important for a law student to timely do so; and the same can be achieved by doing a concentrated and serious internship. Developing a logical acumen, adapting to an articulated writing style and imbibing a well-formulated speaking skill shall be the primary goals for an upcoming lawyer during an internship in the initial years. Upon developing these, one shall then focus on specializing in the field of interest so determined.

Internship is Important for Law because its inculcate the spirit of team-effort, make you more patients and help you learn time-management as there is a prevalence of a controlled and stable environment. All these things combined help you understand in which way your coursework does is preparing you for.

An Internship is “your experiment with the truth”

Upon completion of your first internship, you will be struck with an epiphany that the hierarchical difference between law schools and other students’ GPAs has little role to play in determining one’s understanding of work and application of law in the real world. Another epiphany that will strike you would be that the field of interest that you were concretely having conviction in for fetching you better career prospects would no longer be the field that might excite you upon your completion of a particular internship. The internship is Important for Law because is a good opportunity to explore and discover various career prospects that might intrigue you upon which you might pursue that as your field of interest.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom:-

During the period of internship, one gets to explore one’s threshold of efficiency and patience. A law student shall keep on overpowering one’s own level of burning out and brainstorming. However, being it a daunting task, it would be of immense advantage for a law student to seek clarity in terms of the goals to be achieved and the career prospects to follow in order to bring equanimity between the status quo’s efforts made and future aspirations.

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