These questions often confuse the mind of an applicant as there is no transparency available on what is the ideal CLAT score for getting into the dream law college.

Since CLAT 2021 dates have been declared, let’s take a look at all these phases and find out more facts about what constitutes a good score in CLAT.

Go through the table to get a clue of the score desires for the corresponding rank.

RankMarksTotal Number oo Students
1 – 2150 – 2002
3 – 148130 – 150146
149 – 1211110 – 1301062
1212 – 460990 – 1103397
4610 – 1168370 – 907073
11684 – 2283450 – 7011150
22825 – 3464930 – 5011824
34650 – 414681 – 306818
  • Important Points Regarding CLAT Score
  • If an applicant obtains marks between the ranges 150-200, he/she can undoubtedly take admission in any desired law college that accepts CLAT scores.
  • If the applicant accomplishes to score in 130 – 150 range, he/she will still in the point to take admission in one of the top National Law Universities. Though, since the category of an individual also has a role to play while opting for NLUs, no guarantee can be provided about whether or not the individual will end up getting the college as per the preference or not.
  • If an individual scores marks in the bracket of 90 – 110, the probability of getting admission to the top NLU shrinks. The reserved category applicants might get admission to the desired law college.
  • If an applicant falls in the 70 – 90 marks bracket, the chances of getting admission in NLUs are slighter. Such individuals secure a rank between 4610 – 11683 and there are only around 2500 UG level seats in NLUs! Having said that, there are abundant top-notch private law colleges in India that take CLAT scores which applicants can consider.
  • Applicants who score 50 – 70 or below 50 marks range are very fewer likely to get through the NLU admission process, barring a few exceptions. Due to the reservation policy of NLUs, reserved category applicants still have a chance of getting admission to a National Law University.
  • Good CLAT Score

General category applicantsneed to fix anaim score of about 110 and beyond in order to get admission in the NLU. Reserved category students must keep a goal of scoring 90 and above in CLAT in order to get admission at an NLU.

It must be noted that the score might rise or fallreliant on the shifting exam pattern and cut-off factors declared before. For instance, for the year 2020, the exam pattern has completely transformed. The maximum marks an applicant can secure are 150. In such a scenario, the aim score also falls. If the difficulty level of the exam is regular, than an applicant can set anaim of scoring between 100 – 120 to get one of the finest NLUs. If the difficulty level of the exam is high, then a score between 80 – 100 would also be sufficient to get admission to an NLU.

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