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10 Different Types of Lawyer

A lawyer is a qualified person in the field of law who gives legal advice and helps their clients. Lawyers have other names as well like Advocate, Counsellor, Legal Adviser. there are 10 different types of Lawyers.

What Lawyers Do?

Lawyers take up legitimate instances of clients and speak to them in courts and argue for their clients. Record, draft and plan authoritative archives, for example, wills, claims, requests, agreements and deeds. Speak with their customers, judges and associates engaged with the case. 

Different types of law firms in India?

4 types of law in JUDICIAL SYSTEM:

  1. Civil Law – It is a part of the law that takes a look at activities that aren’t the wrongdoing. Law dealing with disputes between organizations and people.
  2. Criminal Law- Police implements the criminal law. Occasions like murder, assault, attack, burglary go under Criminal Law. Offenses commit towards a specific individual, nonetheless, is a view as being towards all individuals, however, it doesn’t go under the Criminal law.
  3. Common-Law- The Common law additionally alludes to as case law or Judicial point of reference or judge-made law is a segment of the law that is gotten from the legal assurance of courts and practically identical councils. Since the personality proposes it’s entirely expected to all.
  1. Statutory Law- It’s a law be established by an act of the legislature and should be signed by a legislative or executive body.

10 Different Types of Lawyers 

10 different types of lawyers are as follows:

1. Family Lawyers

These kinds of lawyers handles family issues such as divorce, legal separation, child custody, adoption, paternity, alimony, emancipation. Also, these lawyers must work with criminal lawyers if the case include domestic violence, child abuse. 

2. corporate Lawyers

These lawyers basically expertise in building, managing, maintaining, transferring and dissolving business. They also settle employment and business disputes, as well handle negotiations with individual and corporate entities. 

3. Labor Lawyers

Labor lawyers specialize in handling unlawful lay-offs and workplace discriminations. They also negotiate their clients’ severance pay. 

4. Bankruptcy Lawyers 

These lawyers basically for the people who are struggling with their finance problems, bills, debts. And people struggling with these problems should consult with these lawyers to gain insight on how to reorganize their financial strategy.

 5. Intellactual Lawyers (IP)   

Any unique imaginative, logical, or specialized innovation which may profit the general population is shielded from copycats and copies. In the event that you’ve made a workmanship plan, an extraordinary item, a novel, a melody, or a PC program, you can talk with a protected innovation legal counselor for making sure about copyright, licenses, reserve, and permitting arrangements. 

A large part of crafted by IP legal advisors is to give lawful exhortation to customers on the business practicality and showcasing systems of their creation. They must have master information in both business and development patterns.

6. Personal Injury Lawyers

A person who accuses another person, institute, organization of physical or psychological injuries can appoint these lawyers. These lawyers are an expert in tort law, which deals with civil legal liabilities and damages. 

7. Malpractice Lawyers

 When we sue a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or government official for violating their duties they should appoint malpractice lawyers. 

8. Tax Lawyers

We can convolute the tax, yet we can craft by the duty legal counsellors, alongside the bookkeeper, to make it straightforward for their customers, particularly on the off chance that they have numerous resources. On the off chance that you intend to set up a business or foresee an available resource or domain when you’re gone, talking with a duty legal counsellor can help set up the assessments.

9.Immigration Lawyers

In case you’re applying for U.S. citizenship, you’ll need an immigration legal advisor to direct you.

10. Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal defense lawyer gifts in taking care of all phases of a criminal claim. They give significant direction to their customers from the time they capture, through the examination, charging, arraignment, and condemning. Their work isn’t exactly done if their customers wish to request their case. A decent criminal safeguard lawyer realizes how to explore the subtleties of the law, which permits them to keep their customers out of jail.


Lawyers are for the people who need their help and no matter what they always try their best to help their clients in a possible manner. High acquiring potential as legal advisors are among the top-paid experts in the nation. Attorneys appreciate a great deal of eminence and force eventually prompting admiration and achievement. They get the occasion to help other people and work towards fairness in all regards while maintaining the law.

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