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Preparing for CLAT exam in just one month!

Preparing for the CLAT exam

CLAT is a test of critical reading and analytical skills so technically there is no one month to crack the CLAT exam. This exam is based on skills with less focus on prior knowledge, but anyone can clear the exam with one month of preparation. The one and only condition behind this one-month preparation are that the candidate should be good in both reading and critical thinking.

Just have to put your hardwork in the right direction and have the total understanding of the exam.


Preparing for the CLAT exam

First and foremost is to quickly go through the CLAT exam patterns and its syllabus:

For having the updated and first-hand information about the exam you definitely need to check out the syllabus and exam patterns now and then. Doing this will definitely help you to gather knowledge about the structure of the test, marking scheme, types of questions asked, and much more. This will also help you to identify which topic is important for you to study and which is not.

Always check previous years question paper before your main exam:

It is in your benefit to always check the previous year’s question paper before heading towards your main exam.  This will help you to check where you stand and will keep you updated. Question papers before 2020 will not help you a lot but with the changes in the exam patterns, 2020 question papers will help you a lot. This will benefit you in getting to know your strengths, weaknesses, and the nature of the exam. This small job will help you to make decisions on preparing for the CLAT exam in one month or not.

Read a lot of newspapers:

Reading newspapers and keeping yourself updated with the trends is always a good habit. But, amidst the preparation for the CLAT Exam, reading newspapers has become the most important thing. Most of the questions we see in the papers are generally from editorials, articles, opinions, and legal news/judgments given in the newspaper. To Clear the CLAT exam, you need to read a good English newspaper every day and keep yourself updated with the trends.

Start focusing on CLAT important topics:

Nothing special can be done within one or two months before the exam because the reading and analytical skills are prepared after a lot of school education and reading for years. Be realistic in your preparation for the CLAT Exam. There is no way you can cover the entire syllabus in one to two months, rather you can focus on the important topics to be covered for CLAT. If you think or try to do something very unimaginable the chances of having a nervous breakdown are much more than success in the exam.

Speed on preparing for CLAT exam:

To prepare for the CLAT Exam, mock tests are the best option. This will just help you to transfer from reading-based material to practice-based which will be a great help. Also, mock tests have become more important and crucial since there are changes in exam patterns. Mock tests help you to stay updated and see where you stand. In addition to the mock tests, CLAT sample papers are beneficial in developing the required skills.


Legal Aptitude:

Prior knowledge for this section can be beneficial but is not mandatory. IF you are working for the preparation in the last month you should always try to read the basics of legal aptitude and then apply your knowledge in solving the questions given in the mock test. The topics from which the questions are actually asked in the legal aptitude part are from Indian constitution, law, judiciary, and many others. To just know more, identify the types of questions from the practice tests and prepare accordingly.

Current Affairs and English (General Knowledge):

Even though we all know that the English section is way much different from the General Knowledge and the current affairs section we should not underestimate the overlapping nature of the following subjects. Topics like current events of national and international importance are covered in these three sections. The type of questions asked is the only thing which differentiate the three sections. Your grammar, vocabulary, and your reading skills will be tested in the english section. Whilst your awareness towards a topic will be covered in the GK and the current affairs part. All the three parts from your test can be improved through reading newspaper, and magazines.

CLAT Mathematics and logical reasoning:

Preparing for the CLAT in just one month requires you to deal with CLAT maths and logical reasoning by solving mock tests which really need a lot of practice. Subject-related mock test solving can also be a great idea. Questions from topics such as percentage, time speed, and distance, number system, probability, profit and loss, averages, fractions, time and work, ratio and proportion, simple and compound interest will be covered.

Hope this helps you all to prepare for the best and clear the exam with flying colors.

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