Online Coaching for CLAT 2022

Times are changing faster and to keep up with the pace, one must adopt to the latest trends and technology. This has always been the strategy here at Maansarovar Law Centre therefore even before COVID -19 we at Mansarovar Law Centre we’re fully equipped with both offline as well as online coaching for Clat. The students were given a choice to switch from online to offline mode and vice versa as per their convenience. Same seamless experience is being offered to students for online coaching for Clat 2022.

The important highlights of the Programme

Are –

  1. Personalized App for live streaming of classes.
  2. Both live & recorded trial classes.
  3. Students are encouraged to just listen & understand in the class instead of scribbling down the notes. Notes of classes are provided at the end of the session.
  4. Even though the students are encourage to attend live classes, yet recorded version of classes are also provided.
  5. Apart from full mock test, we also
  6. One of the most important skills that one needs in order to clear the Clat 2022 exam is good vocabulary, current affairs knowledge and reading comprehension skills therefore on our website – we update daily current affairs, quiz & static point by the name of initiative #MLC to NLU
  7. Previous year CLAT paper along with other —- papers are regularly discussed in the class to give the students a fair idea of their exam & to help them with their preparation.

These are some highlights of our online coaching for CLAT 2022 programme apart from providing classes, study material and mock test series. However our online coaching for CLAT is as effective as offline coaching.

Join us today & lets together start your success story.