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Facts- 29th September

1. North Korea tested newly developed hypersonic missile

  • Capital: Pyongyang
  • Supreme leader: Kim Jong-un
  • Currency: North Korean won
  • Premier: Kim Tok-hun

2. PM Modi chairs 38th PRAGATI meeting

  • The official release by the Prime Minister’s office informed that in the meeting, eight projects were reviewed.
  • “Four of these projects were from the Ministry of Railways, two from the Ministry of Power and one each from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Ministry of Civil Aviation,” read the release by PMO.

3. SEBI approves frameworks for Gold and Social Stock Exchanges

  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India is the regulatory body for securities and commodity market in India under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance, Government of India. It was established on 12 April 1988 and given Statutory Powers on 30 January 1992 through the SEBI Act, 1992.
  • Chairperson: Ajay Tyagi

4. Aveek Sarkar re-elected as PTI Chairman

  • The Press Trust of India Ltd., commonly known as PTI, is the largest news agency in India. It is headquartered in New Delhi and is a nonprofit cooperative among more than 500 Indian newspapers.
  • Founded: 27 August 1947
  • Headquarters location: New Delhi

5. India, US sign two MoUs for cooperation in Health and Biomedical Sciences

  • The International Centers for Excellence in Research (ICER) program was launched in 2002 by the Division of Intramural Research (DIR) to develop and sustain research programs in disease-endemic countries through partnerships with local scientists.

6. Taliban asks US to stop operating drones in Afghan airspace

  • Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country at the crossroads of Central and South Asia. It is bordered by Pakistan to the east and south, Iran to the west, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to the north, and Tajikistan and China to the northeast.

7. Japan: Fumio Kishida wins governing party leadership election, set to be next PM

  • Prime minister: Yoshihide Suga
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Currency: Japanese yen

8. At least 12 groups designated as Foreign Terrorist Organisations by America are based in Pakistan

  • US officials have identified Pakistan as a base of operations or target for numerous armed and non-state militant groups, some of which have existed since the 1980s, the independent Congressional Research Service (CRS) said in the report.

9. ICC launched official anthem ahead of 2021 T20 World Cup

  • The International Cricket Council is the world governing body of cricket. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from Australia, England and South Africa. It was renamed as the International Cricket Conference in 1965, and took up its current name in 1987.
  • Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10. World Heart Day: 29th September

  • World Health Day was first founded in 1999 with the World Heart Federation (WHF) collaborating with the World Health Organisation (WHO). The idea of an annual event was conceived by Antoni Bayés de Luna, the president of WHF from 1997-2011. Originally, World Heart Day was observed on the last Sunday of September, with the first celebration taking place on September 24, 2000.